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We started working on the house immediately after we moved in December 2003.  We had a toilet and a sink in the upstairs half-bath, but no shower or bath as the main bath had been gutted before our arrival.  Also, all the drain lines were clogged with rust since the house had been unoccupied for 20 years before we moved in.  And the kitchen sink area was a hole in the floor.  So, our project timeline begins:
  •   2004 - Made main bathroom and kitchen usable.  
  •   2005 - Restore large living room window.  
  •   2006 - Painted bedroom, tested exterior paint, and waterproofed basement.  
  •   2007 - Attacked the front of the house with long overdue repairs and paint.
  •   2008 - Finally put up some tile in the bathroom.
  •   2009 - Reglazed a couple of windows and accompanying storm windows.
  •   2010 - Painted Dave's office.
  •   2011 - Went nutz and painted half the exterior and dining room.
  •   2012 - Painted the guest room.
  •   2013 - Painted the south half of the west wall and the north end of the east wall.
  •   2014 - Painted the west half of the south side.
  •   2015 - Went nutz again and tore up the yard, built a folly, and turned it all into an English Garden.

Click here for photos of the bathroom rehab

Starting point for the main bathroom (341101 bytes)

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Starting point for the kitchen (341713 bytes)

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Starting point for living room window restoration  (396914 bytes)

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Paint test area on raked wood shingles (386276 bytes)

Click here for the basement slab painting test

Time to waterproof the concrete (352129 bytes)

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What's lurking inside your wall? (671957 bytes)

Click here to see the bathroom tile installation

Four years of hardibacker is enough! (269328 bytes)

Click here to see the stone wall restoration

Faux stone wall restoration starting point (2503480 bytes)

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