Home Up

Here are photos of the living room window repair that we did September-October 2005.  Moisture had gotten trapped between the huge storm window and the leaded glass window and had rotted out small portions of the sill.  Took down the storm window, patched the sill, reglazed the leaded glass window, and primed and painted the sill and jamb.  We decided on a shade of forest green.  (We had found a tiny sample of a lighter green as a first coat at the top of the jamb.)  Step one in the decision of what colors to paint the house.  

Click on a photo to get a larger image.  Hover pointer to get a description of the picture.  Photos are in chronological order from top to bottom:

Living room window before work (347767 bytes)Sill rot between window and storm (396914 bytes)Rot removed with Dremel (390925 bytes)

Bernadette searching for rot (1350301 bytes)Dave TSP'ing the window (357553 bytes)Dave reglazing the leaded panes (357209 bytes)

Dave putting on the finish color (307597 bytes)Jamb painted and storm reinstalled (306915 bytes)Finished rot repair (345007 bytes)

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