Home Up

Here are photos of the reinstallation of the bathroom.  The original had been gutted prior to our purchase of the house.  Fortunately, the previous owner had never gotten around to throwing away the seafoam green fixtures, so back in they went. 

So, for our first big project on the house, we took out the original sheet linoleum floor, as it was fairly damaged and pretty darn ugly.  (It was solid black with homemade sponge applications of pink, green and white.)  Tough decision and one of our few destructions of original fabric.  So off it came, along with the tongue and groove fir, in preparation for a period-appropriate hexagon tile floor.

Click on a photo to get a larger image.  Hover pointer to get a description of the picture.  Photos are in chronological order from top to bottom, taken between November 2003 and February 2004:

Bathtub area without the bathtub (341101 bytes)Sink area without the sink (366257 bytes)Toilet area without the toilet (352061 bytes)

Bernadette pulling up the original linoleum floor (1285923 bytes)Dave starting the paint (1212951 bytes)Bernadette cutting in (1129720 bytes)

Bath painted to match fixtures (1182269 bytes)Hardibacker for tile installed (307923 bytes)Bernadette laying out sheet hexs (349595 bytes)

Bernadette experimenting with patterns (352433 bytes)Setting the hex (344631 bytes)Hex set and ready for grout (382685 bytes)

Floating the hex (335618 bytes)Wiping off excess grout (326821 bytes)Applying the sealer (322611 bytes)

Finished floor (301353 bytes)

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Modified: 08/19/2015