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Here are some pictures of the "headquarters" in Albany before we moved in.  It's a 1931 English Cottage entirely intact down to its light fixtures and leaded windows.  There is a sketch plan of the house and an aerial of the site at the bottom.  

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Front (north) elevation (320336 bytes)Front (north) elevation (357301 bytes)Second 50'x100' lot with outdoor fireplace (392875 bytes)

Shop building on second lot (366529 bytes)Rear of house with attached garage (385874 bytes)Entry with original entry light (349609 bytes)

From dining room, across foyer, and into living room (322012 bytes)Barrel-vaulted living room (314027 bytes)Fireplace in living room (344313 bytes)

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South wall in living room (331096 bytes)Basement (325413 bytes)Basement canning closet (291025 bytes)

Attached garage interior with original tub to be reset (338578 bytes)Interior of shop building (348672 bytes)

First and second floor plan (889762 bytes)Aerial (110227 bytes)

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Modified: 08/19/2015