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Our fireplace is from the Markoff Mosiac Tile Corporation out of Inglewood, California.  The information came to us via the Tile Heritage Foundation at www.tileheritage.org.  Upon looking at a photo of the fireplace, they knew the maker instantly.  The firm advertised handmade tiles through their hand-drawn catalog.  "The Tile is finished in a Mottled High Lighted effect."  Our design is #37 coupled with hearth #205.  Markoff was in existence from 1926 to 1945 on East Redondo Boulevard.  Sample Markoff tiles are shown in Norman Karlson's book, American Art Tile.

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Fireplace overall (393118 bytes)

Left side springing (396826 bytes)Fireplace keystone tile (379151 bytes)Right side springing (371089 bytes)

Left side tile (399228 bytes)Hearth tile (417313 bytes)Right side tile (356670 bytes)

Modified: 08/19/2015