Home Up

The previous owner, Sallie Rowlee, found some early photos of our house in July 2011.  They helped us greatly in piecing together the physical history of the house.  We put together a little one-page history on the house that you can find here.  

Click on a photo to get a larger image.  Hover pointer to get a description of the picture.  

House 1935 with Franklin.jpg (4916926 bytes)

House 1 c1935.jpg (8351179 bytes)

Suzanne and Jim Rowlee c1937.jpg (5293690 bytes)

Jim and Suzanne Rowlee c1937.jpg (4929032 bytes)

Road Dust Model B Bill McClean 4 1951.jpg (1957918 bytes)

Road Dust Model B Bill McClean 1 1951.jpg (2140093 bytes)

Howard Rowlee 1958.jpg (2856122 bytes)

House 2 1970.jpg (4209177 bytes)

Modified: 08/19/2015