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Here are photos of the kitchen rehabilitation.  A steel sink/ dishwasher unit (thinking 1950s) had been removed before we moved in leaving us a hole to work with.  We continued the updating of the plumbing that the original owner had nearly completed.  All the waste lines were clogged with rust and were breaking at the threads, so we put in new ABS pipe along side the existing CPVC water lines he'd installed.

We tried to work with the 1950s countertop tile but eventually succumbed to the call of linoleum.  (We didn't have enough of the tile to cover the area, it had an unusual "orange peel" finish, and it was in pretty rough shape.)  We also replaced a nasty fluorescent fixture with a new base and old glass.

Click on a photo to get a larger image.  Hover pointer to get a description of the picture.  Photos are in chronological order from top to bottom, taken between May 2003 and March 2004:

Kitchen as we got it (316915 bytes)New plumbing for the sink and dishwasher (341713 bytes)Sink and countertop structure installed (307438 bytes)

Marilyn and Bernadette pulling off wallpaper revealing pink (330031 bytes)Nasty fluorescent fixture (289154 bytes)Replacement fixture -- new base, old glass (276004 bytes)

Ron removes 1950s tile (319793 bytes)Tile off ready for trim (322718 bytes)Cant strip, backing and trim in process (323069 bytes)

Marmoleum and template (315567 bytes)Marmoleum installed with aluminum trim (296001 bytes)

We installed a dishwasher in January 2006.  We went with the Bosch brand as it was the only brand we found that made dishwashers small enough to fit our narrow counter depth.  We went with white to match our 1950 GE refrigerator, and went with a dishwasher as we're not faithful to a specific period in the kitchen.

In November 2006, we cleaned and rewaxed the Marmoleum surface.  The surface held up beautifully in the intervening 2-1/2 years.  The aluminum edging has a few dents, but the Marmoleum keeps on wearing like a champ.  We used Farbo's linoleum cleaner and wax.  In fact, they were the same bottles we used years ago, as a little goes a long ways. 

Marmoleum rewaxed after 2-1/2 years (316569 bytes)Close-up of Marmoleum surface (339143 bytes)

Still cleaning about once a year, still using the same bottles. It is now 2015, and the Marmoleum is holding up beautifully.

Next project is to make some cabinet doors to hide the under-sink area.  Maybe in 2016.  

Modified: 08/19/2015