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Section 106
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Historic Preservation Northwest works for clients in the field of historic preservation.  The consultants who work within the organization have the skills to perform the following services:

  • Cemetery Preservation, including repair, survey, and planning. For sample reports, click here.

  • Section 106 reporting Forms 620 and 621 for the FCC. For sample reports for Oregon, click here.

  • Section 106 reporting for government agencies besides the FCC.  For a sample report for Oregon, click here.

  • Building Survey for Certified Local Governments. To see cities that have our survey work on the web, click here.

  • Planning for Certified Local Governments. For a sample preservation plan, click here.

  • Website work for Certified Local Governments. To see cities for which we've done website development, click here.

  • National Register Nominations. For a sample nomination, click here.

  • National Register District Nominations. For a sample district nomination, click here.

  • Context Statement. For a sample context statement, click here.

  • Historic Structure Reports (HSR). For a sample Historic Structure Report, click here.

  • History Books. For a sample book, click here.

  • Condition Assessment. For a sample condition assessment, click here.

  • Historic American Building Survey (HABS) Drawings and Photos. For a sample HABS drawing set, click here.

  • Historic Preservation Training and Educational Programs. For a sample educational program, click here.

Modified: 09/28/2018