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If you are located south of Albany, here are the directions in text form with a map.  Follow the bright green line:

1. Take I-5 north.
2. Take the Corvallis Hwy 34 exit #228.
3. Turn left crossing over I-5 and west towards Corvallis.
4. Continue on Hwy 34 (Corvallis-Lebanon Hwy) for 2.5 miles.
5. Exit off Hwy 34 at the Hwy 99E (Albany/Junction City) exit.  
6. At the bottom of the off-ramp, turn left onto Hwy 99E (Pacific Blvd) headed north to Albany.
7. Turn left onto Queen Avenue at first major signaled intersection in Albany.
8. Turn right onto Elm Street.
9. Turn left onto 11th Avenue.
10. 1116 11th Avenue SW will be mid-block on your left.

Modified: 08/19/2015